Stop Fires Before They Spread

As a restaurant owner or manager, you already know that it’s easy for a fire to start. The fire safety equipment you have on site could make a difference in whether lives are saved. offers a state-of-the-art fire suppression system along with commercial hoods to prevent and stop kitchen fires. Our professionally trained and certified staff maintains an exemplary reputation throughout California as leaders in their line of work.


There are no simple home remedies for putting out fires in a commercial kitchen. Flammables found in the kitchens of eating establishments such as hot cooking oils, wood, paper, and gas can feed the flames of a small fire and create a raging blaze. The damage left behind can be harmful to life, property, and the environment. It can also result in high repair costs that may adversely affect your financial status.

As restaurants across the country have proliferated, industry standards have been created to combat these dangerous fires. offers a wide range of fire suppression systems to protect establishments from destructive blazes. Our company installs, services, and repairs the most modern wet-chemical systems for restaurants along with sprinkler systems for buildings and dry-chemical systems for paint booths. If you need a dependable fire sprinkler system in Santa Ana, CA, turn to

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