Hood Filters


We carry a wide selection of hood filters. We offer two types of metal hood filters.

Galvanized – A lower-cost option, galvanized hood filters are typically used in the back of the house because they have a dull appearance.

Stainless Steel – Durable and aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel hood filters work great in open kitchen concepts. You will pay more up front, but stainless steel hood filters are worth the investment. They are less prone to corrosion than aluminum hood filters.


The primary purpose of a hood filter is to filter grease out of smoke during the cooking process. Failure to filter this smoke could cause grease to build up over time and result in a major fire.

Hood filters are often sized ½-inch smaller horizontally and vertically than your hood opening. For example, if your hood opening is 20” by 20”, the correctly-sized hood filter is 19½” tall by 19½” wide.

We offer various sizes of hood filters. Galvanized filters start at $22.50. Stainless steel filters start at $52.50.

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