Commercial Kitchen Hood Installation, Cleaning and More

One or more quality restaurant hoods are essential for a fully functional and safe kitchen. of Irvine, California, offers excellent products and complete commercial kitchen hood installation throughout Southern California. We also have more than 20 years of experience with kitchen hood cleaning, so rely on us to properly maintain your equipment. We also install fire suppression systems and much more. Check out our projects for more.


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Choose from commercial fans and hoods in all sizes from a variety of brands. When you purchase your fans and hoods from us, delivery is always on time and installation is included. We make sure that your hood and its installation are compliant with local and state codes, so that you easily pass inspections.


Our comprehensive hood cleaning process includes steam and high-pressure cleaning of the exhaust hood, rooftop exhaust fans and connected ductwork; grease containment; washing of grease filters; chemical and/or steam washing of appliances, shelving and surfaces, walls, ceilings and floors; and cleaning and Sheila shining of all stainless steel surfaces.


If you have a commercial kitchen, you need a grease interceptor. They are required if your kitchen has a hood. Also known as a grease trap, grease interceptors separate grease, oil and sediment. It moves these things to an outdoor container where they sit until emptied.


Upgrade your kitchen or your entire restaurant with our restaurant contractors. Our restaurant improvement services include installation of stainless steel wall ducts, fire wrapping, and much more.


Industry standards have been created to combat these fires. offers a wide range of fire suppression systems to protect establishments from destructive blazes. Our company installs, services, and repairs the most modern wet-chemical systems for restaurants along with sprinkler systems for buildings and dry-chemical systems for paint booths.


Commercial plumbing? We do that too. We’re not only experts on your commercial kitchen, but we are plumbing experts too. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. We have the manpower and experience handle all of your commercial plumbing needs.

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